Camden Riversharks

The Pennsauken, New Jersey-based Camden Riversharks baseball team was established in 2001. Near the Camden waterfront, the team played at what was then known as Campbell’s Field. The Riversharks have become well-known over time for both their distinctive playing style and the support they received from the public.

The Initial Group of Players

The team’s original members were young individuals who had recently graduated from high schools and colleges. The late Von Hayes, the team’s manager, was well known for his capacity to identify talent and develop it. The group soon started to leave its mark on the ground under his leadership. A few well-known figures, including Keith Reed and Dwight Maness, were among the initial participants. The group achieved its first-ever victory in 2002. The team experienced a historic moment as ticket sales rose by about 60%. Victories on the battlefield subsequently became commonplace.

The Years of Domination

Under Chris Widger’s management, the Riversharks dominated the league between 2002 and 2005. Im-Ho Choi, Ray Navarrete, and Brian Burgamy were some of the best players on the team at the time. Navarrete, also known as “Ray of Hope,” was among the most significant players at the time because of his outstanding batting average. His all-around efforts helped the team win numerous games. With the team placing second in the standings, the 2004 season was by far the best. The team fought valiantly the following season despite not making the playoffs.

The upcoming

As the years passed, the team encountered difficulties with money. The team’s owners turned to the state and the federal government for assistance in finding new funding. The team was owned by a local business that was owned by Jon Bon Jovi as of 2014. But due to financial issues, the team stopped playing in 2016, putting its heyday behind it.

The Stadium at Riverside

Campbell’s Field, later known as Riverside Stadium, served as the team’s home field up until its closure in 2016. With a seating capacity of 6,400, it was regarded as one of the best baseball stadiums in the state. The waterfront stadium was special because it offered a view of the skyline of Philadelphia.

The Tragedy

The Riversharks are remembered for their players, their accomplishments, and the support they received from the general public. One of the most admired and well-liked baseball teams in the area, they were. The athletes were known for being outstanding both on and off the field. Through a variety of community events, they engaged with the public and gave back to the community. Former team members who became coaches and mentors include Ray Navarrete.


The Camden Riversharks were a special group of athletes who gave every game their all. Through their performances and personalities, they captured the hearts of the audience. The memories and legacy of the team will endure in the hearts of its supporters even though it is no longer in existence. It goes without saying that for many people, the Riversharks represented more than just a sports team.